Bequeath Thy Tyre

A mutiny within an empire, strikes a war of the brothers and a war of the blood.

Crimson shards of thy sickly tyre

Cometh forth annihilating souls

Shells ov corpses march amongst flames

As thy land shalt crumble from time

Rotten and washed thy minds are chains

Bound ov grim insanity ov tyre

Rebels amort from untimely slumber

Shedding lost regrets on eternal scales

Brawling brushes of clashing forces

Soak and paint thy lands of wounds

Shattered graves amongst our skies

Broken gates shy dark regrets

For the land sunk deep within doom

Baffle and barge thy untimely tyre

Brace our bards for another bloodshed

We carry thy intentions in cade

Constant tremors ov battling warriors

Cometh to my ear as a screech

Winds whip clean of these very last bones

Such a corollary fate ov black

So here I rest on my final stone

A relic of this sickly tyre

The End

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