Beneath the glass

Around me are four walls

Four corners, four walls

All drenched in black

I reach out my hand to touch it

It falls through with distant sounds

The walls don’t exist to touch

Only to sight

There are people on the glass above me

Walking around unaware of me

Don’t bother to call out

They won’t know where the noise is coming from

They know I’m there

They don’t know where I am

They’ve known me for years

And have no idea who I am

The rules exist but are unnecessary

People can get close

But they can never reach me

The walls separate them and me

The walls that no one can touch

They’re visible only to sight

Paranoia echoes in the darkness

Ideas that make no sense

Yet they can explain anything and everything

The ideas protect me from the good and bad

I try to find the water from inside

Someone’s emptied it

I’m alone in this

I curl up my body on the cool, smoky floors

I can feel the air on my skin

Floating barely above it

The walls beckon to me

Asking me to come with them

I bury my head in my knees and arms

Wishing I was somewhere else with them

The End

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