Beneath The Floorboards

A poem about horrible monstrosities lurking underneath the floorboards in an old townhome.

Beneath the floorboards, they ooze like candle wax
Among the termites, they leave their horrid tracks
We need no proof to give, for they are there
Waiting for a loose board to find and tear.

They wish to meet us, and treat us
To a hearty meal
They want to scare us, prepare us
Like a royal veal.
We rarely see them, but they’re right here
Beneath the floorboards
They squirm and leer.

This lovely town home is our own, without a doubt
But there are some things we don’t know much about.
What slides under our feet can’t be undone
Soon they’ll burst free and have their fun.

They want to baste us, and taste us
Like an eager chef
They want to show us, and know us
Till our last breath
We’ll never see them, until they come around
Beneath the floorboards,
Their hunger cry resounds.

So we invited guests the night we heard them scream
I guess they realized we were on their team
The guests became tenants, for we fled the house
And many things were stirring, more than a mouse.

They never knew it, or got through it
When they spent the night
They couldn’t see them, therefore
They did not win the fight.
There was nothing else to do, on that strange night
Beneath the floorboards, their hunger glowed so bright.

This little town home isn’t worth much anymore
Not since the worms broke free and tore
Not since the worms fulfilled their need
Their obsession, their slimy greed.

We found the tenants boneless
Right there on the floor
Funny, that mucus wasn’t there before
Their eyes were gone and replaced with pale green eggs
And there were maggots eating up their legs.

The tenants, we should have warned them
About the pests
We should have done something about those nests
But its too late now, I hate to say
We should clean up, if someone else wants to stay.

Repair the floorboards now, and get more nails
The worms are getting antsy; listen to those wails.
It’s not wise to disturb them, on their breeding day
If we don’t feed them, we’ll surely pay.

The End

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