Being Taking Over

Ever get this feeling?

Staying up.
All day yesterday.
And all night last night.
And all day today.

Got ready for school.
Came to school.
And working on my story,
For my last piece of work.

The tiredness and sleepness,
Is taking over me.

This story has to be done.
It has to be handed in.
All work and no play.
For now.

Falling asleep at the computer.
My body is being taking over.
My mucles are weaken.
My mind is shutting down.

My story ideas are flowing to me,
Like butterflies in the tummy.
My notes are becoming understood.

The words are just taking their place.
The images are just falling into place.
The story is taking its place.

My day is just becoming a reality nightmare.

The End

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