Being Loved

To be loved is something

That is taken for granted often

It is something that is not always easy

But if taken correctly, it will soften

The walls you build around yourself

Your solitary castle

Pecking at your confinement

Though you might think it a hassle

You spent such a long while

Building the walls

Only to have them torn down

By the crying and calls

Of the people whom you want to love in return

But can't let yourself love back

So you hide behind your soggy walls

And hope that one day you will perform the act

Of bravery that will allow you to love

And to be loved in return

That one day you will become enlightened

One day you will learn

That the detention you have ordered yourself to

Will someday come to an end

Whether that be by family, or lover

Enemy or friend

It is something great, to allow yourself

To let go and be free

I wouldn't know, because I am afraid

After all, aren't my walls what makes me, me?

The End

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