Being: A Collection of PoetryMature

A collection of the poems I'm currently most proud of, usually based off of something I'm currently going through, but sometimes inspired by other peoples' struggles and triumphs. Every poem is subject to change and it's likely that the poems here now aren't the same ones you'll find in a month, or even a week, because the ones I'm 'most proud of' are constantly changing. With that said: enjoy!

It’s being hyper

at the beginning of the year

art school

and only knowing extremes --

keep a straight face

or lay all of my cards

out on the table

it’s vulnerability.

It’s being loved

and getting caught

in a riptide

catching my breath

only to lose it again

and then losing it


when I was caught alone

it’s naivety.

It’s being dumb

during third quarter

because I 

quit trying

when I thought

I wouldn’t need it

then changed my mind

and found myself

in a ditch

it’s indecisiveness.

it’s being strong

by piercing my ears

scratching my legs

not eating

by dying my hair

getting a tattoo

by drinking

it’s destruction.

The End

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