Behind all walls

It's in the meat served on your plate
from fast food outlets, restaurants and supermarket chains.
It's where you find your staple fresh food
tomatoes, lettuce, corn and luscious fruits
all marketed picturesque, perfect, portrayed on your media frame.

A hideous epidemic
it's witnessed in worshipping cries.
From slums through to classes more elite
the extent of its influence extends far beyond many a stride.

It's the cause of a mothers shattering heart
as she watches husband, son or daughter
march off uniformed with pride.
And in the shrills and shuddering 
of an over exploited woman, agonising just to get by.

You find it in every profit making enterprise
tobacco, narcotics, alcohol, prescription medications.
Where men are condemned
to forgo any chance to make amends
sanctioned to the death penalty
to make an example for the majority of the populace fraction. 

It's easy to turn a blind eye
in a society so wound up in ignorance, greed and selfishness.
It is never too small a deed when striving for change
all it takes is education, freedom of speech and the willingness to be free from acquiescence.  

The End

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