Before You Were Real

A little late for my Valentine, but I think nostalgia might make her forgiving.
It doesn't rhyme, which is why I haven't posted it in 'New Verse.'

Before you were real...
I once dreamt of you.
How your hair shone in sombre cloud.
And bold eyes made me stammer;
Made me sad
For you weren't real.
I began to worry, when again
Your idle figure came upon me.
In good weather and at midday
A first radiant hallucination.
I confess I wept when you were gone
Desperately unable to retrieve you.
Yet what angel can remain 
To humble a mortal man
If I am below or beyond deserving?
Though I did not stop
Remembering your bewitching ways.
Your lightness and your glow that...
I am found dreaming, and come to love.
Then one fine evening in the rain
Your haunting form presented
Truer and more beautiful than before.
I reached out to touch you
To find you more honest and corporeal
More charming and more graceful
Than anyone ere I have ever met.

The End

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