Before Midnight

A little twist on the classic Cinderella story.

"Use this cleanser
Get it cleaner
Move even faster
Or I'll get meaner!"

I rolled my eyes
As she walked out
My crazy step-mother
Made me want to shout.

My mind was racing
As I scrubbed the rug
Couldn't she ask nicely?
Even give a big hug?

She stormed back in
Shoved my nose to the floor
I had had quite enough
So I slowly locked the door.

Removing my slipper
I smashed her ugly face
Glass shattered everywhere
Would a lawyer take my case?

I dragged her to the patch
Where pumpkins stood galore
She was now gone forever
Would be my boss no more.

Only one more job to do
That was to clean the stain
It came from the grey matter
Masquerading as her brain.

Don't mess with Cinderella!
My lungs had filled with hate
I have a ball to attend
And I shan't be late!!

The End

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