Before I Am A Murderer.

Give me a dagger –

I'm going to practise,

Practise murder

In the courtyard;

I'll slice them all,

Cut them to dust,

My precious hates.

Every vein sizzles

With the tongue of flame;

I cannot see left or right,

For the haze over my vision.

Black haze,

I'll eat them all.

My forked tongue is heavy

For the kill,

And blood is seasoning.

Give me a dagger –

Or my hands will find necks,

Snap, snapping

As easily as clicking

My fingers together,

As light as the plans in

My addled brain.

Infection. Take it,

Destroy the others before

The courtyard is littered

With steam, my hissing:

Dragon’s breath, insanity’s heart.

Going to cut my chest out of me.

Remember I dreamt of Infamy?

She’s back, laughing at my Angel.

If that doesn't work…

Let me stick the blade into my cartilage,

Delicious suicide, for the world,

Before I am a murderer.

The End

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