Beer Cans and Lilies

A friend and I were sitting in a park in summer when we noticed a rusty trolley stuck in the lake. We almost killed ourselves trying to fish it out only to notice that the lake was full of beercans anyway. I wrote the poem because the juxtaposition of the floating trash and delicate lilies really appealed to me. Beauty is always more striking in the midst of ugliness.

Do you remember the day we rescued

The trolley from the lake?

How you stretched an arm

Down through the murky water

And pulled forth the skeletal monster

From the depths.

You leaned back

Laughing in triumph,

Your tanned arms dripping wet,

As the sun filtered down through leafy boughs

Lighting the places

Where our catch gleamed silver

Between the scabs of rust

And knotted clumps of algae.

Dragonflies danced and darted,

Shimmering in the sun

And we lay and watched the beer cans

Bob among the lilies.

The End

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