It's bedtime, but Mum isn't anywhere to be seen. Where on earth could she be?

‘Where is your mummy?’ said his old teddy,

‘She needs to come up and put you to bed.’

‘She’s fighting the monster living downstairs,

I think he tried to take off someone’s head.’


‘Where is your sister?’ said the dark shadows,

‘She needs to give you a big hug goodnight.’

‘She’s helping Mum by priming the weapons,

A big magic sword should finish this fight.’


‘Why are you watching?’ said the hall’s moonlight,

‘Don’t get in trouble. Just go on upstairs.’

‘But Mum is hurt, I can hear her crying,

Don’t worry, I’ll hide behind that big chair.’


‘Where is your daddy?’ said the red cushions,

‘He should be stopping a creature this cursed.’

‘I haven’t seen Dad in over a year,

You see the monster decided to take him first.’


‘What do you see?’ said the silent house.

But he didn’t say, just stared at the wreck.

His sister was smiling with moonstone eyes,

And a violet choker around her neck.

The End

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