Kiss me, caress me, and do as you please
I want to touch, and I want to you to tease
I’ll stroke you here and you’ll kiss me there
I’ll bite your neck gently you’ll pull on my hair
I’ll run my tongue up the length of your back
I’ll give you excitement as I come to attack
You’ll catch your breath and our hips will collide
You’ll gasp with ecstasy as I move deep inside
Dig your nails in my sides and I’ll relish the pain
As we move ever faster you’ll cry out my name
I’ll melt with you and we’ll both soon succumb
You’ll tell me to f*ck you and I’ll make you come
With a flick of the tongue and pressure of teeth
You’ll arch your back as I go underneath
Then I’ll kiss you softly and your breath will regain
And when you’ve recovered I’ll do it again

The End

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