[Because They Don't Know] Who I Am...

Umm...philosophy/moral or religion/spiritual? I think it's all four...seriously >.<

No doubting in doing whatever I can

Because I believe in in all that I am

(Most importantly trusting in the Son of Man)

And in doing the best in whatever I do

Knowing that my faith  (in Him) will pull me through

Not laying out my failures for others to review

For it’s none of “theirs” to judge me

Especially based on rumors and negativity

They shouldn’t judge when they can’t understand what they see

Viewing from their eyes and not their hearts

Trying to decipher me by taking me apart

And getting more questions than answers for they don’t know where to start

To say without actually knowing my plans

That they underestimate by assuming they know where I stand

Then they attempt in condescension

 But fail because they don’t know who I am

The End

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