This World

Hold Me! - so I can make it through this night.

Hold Me! - 'till tomorrows' sun -  fills the room with light

Hold Me! - 'till the pain within my chest has gone away

Brush away the fears - for I must face another day.


For my heart feels like it's breaking

from the thoughts inside my mind

And even when I close my eyes

it is not peace I find.


The hope of yesterday has gone

despair now fills it's place

These eyes that once saw wonder -

now spill tears down my face.


I thought that I was right

to seek perfection at all times

That people would be proud of me

if only I could shine.


But that light has long since dimmed -

all was not what it had seemed

That I had the life I wanted

was no more than just a dream.


For there was no one there to hold me

in the darkness of the night

And there was silence from my corner

when I stood up to fight.


My voice has now been taken

swallowed by the  tide

Of doubt - and fear - and misery

There is no where left to hide.


Exposed and all alone

I face this path that lies ahead

For where people tried to show their love

I saw their pity there instead


So through this self destructive tyranny

that holds no compromise

I daily take another step

Into a world that I despise


I am no longer strong

or full of promise to do well

For I face a world of darkness

where I must learn to dwell


There is no pride in knowing

that in order to succeed

You're greatest single asset

is you're power to deceive


But I can smile  - and I can laugh

to hide the thoughts within my mind.


But do not remove that mask -

No one wants to see behind.


If I walk forward down this path -

my future will unfurl.


But let me treasure my insanity!

In this sane -  but hostile - world.




The End

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