Because I'm not you

Cry you may, your acid tears, but win you never will.....

So the gaseous, screaming, tormenting, lava inside you writhes,
To feel, distant, discordant, reticent, and grasping at your life,
To be held, within a sentence, another focus for awhile,
I know how you're embittered, so I'll sit with you and smile.

Just harrowing, worm boring, just a historical relapse,
For you to be uncomfortable, with your own myriads
So creative, in your angst, in your poor serendipity,
To float amongst the anguish, you have learned in reality.

Still heaven sent Pandora, to open up your soul,
And here impregnated hatred, drove her mischief to the crows.
And settled on a tasteful wish, the rag is dirty still,
And cry you may, your acid tears, but win, you never will.

So honesty, your policy, has flared back in your face,
And her am I all collected, and standing in his way.
For weaponry beyond your craft, and forged without love,
Is growing inevitably within your defiled gut.

No gift have I to rectify, the man's destructive touch,
But comfort, and iron nerve to you I offer up.
So even though I weren't the one, consenting to be manned,
Just because I am not you, doesn't mean I don't understand

The End

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