because i was never going to fly, anyways

old (not actually that old, it just seems like it) poem that i'm irrationally fond of

When I was little, my dad loved comics.
So naturally, so did I. I always wanted to be Batman.

And yet, at that age I did not yet know
That it’s only cute to want to be a boy
When you are young and naive.

Now, of course, I know that to tell them would
Be to dig my own grave in this society.

I feel like Clark Kent - female by day,
But in the right circumstances, I’m Superman.

The only thing is that it’s hard to be a superhero
If no-one will help you make your suit.
And I am not even given the choice because I prefer 
The pronoun “they” but everyone sees me as “she”.

To them, I am nothing but a girl. 
And in my society, I can be bi
(Even though I haven’t yet told them I’m ace)
And my sexuality will be reasonably accepted.
But gender is a taboo topic.

I am supposed to be cisgender. 
I’m supposed to be a girl
I’m supposed to not be a boy,
I’m supposed to be a lot of things.

I’m not just Clark Kent. 
If they would give me the chance,
They would see that Superman is a part 
Of me too - a binder would be my cape.

I wish I could be apologetic that my 
Identity is so complicated, but I’m not. 
I’m not because I am sad and tired
And I don’t have the energy to waste
Putting myself down anymore.

So I’m okay that I’m genderqueer now.
I’m okay with it because it’s who I am. 
But my family is Kryptonite -
They can hurt and they can burn.
And when I touch them, 
My Superman shrinks away in fear.

The End

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