because i was a memory and you were too in love to fall

so hold my hand tight
just hang on a little longer
i promise you we'll make it
even though the storm blows us over
every time we see the door

and there are people
who love us so much

and they love us so much
that their heart breaks,
and their blood thins, 
and they find themselves breathing 
nothing that is oxygen

when we leave them, 
they have nobody to love. 
and all of their time and effort
has nowhere to go, 
with nobody to laugh with
and nobody to hold
and nobody to hug and tell them
it will be okay 

because it never was

and only people that truly love you
can lie so well
to your pale, shaken face

as you look to them
and they answer you with
blatant untruths

this is the way we love

with disturbing honesty
and the lies of a fool 
with our lungs bleeding out
and our hands clutching ghosts. 

The End

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