Because I am done.Mature

You think you can speak to me like this? like that?

Who told you that you deserved the privilege to, 

Treat me like your long suffering doormat.

When you look in your distorted mirror, every miserable day,

Do you smile? Darling? 

Or do you stare hard, curse and pray?

That no one will come to shake you, wake you with a jagged start 

And pierce through your bleeding, bone dry, non-existant heart 

That there won't come a time, chime, a ragged tock 

Where your judged for what you are, so keep staring at the clock.


Well your words they don't work, because I am done

Well your looks they don't blind me, high and mighty 'Sun

Well you won't gain anymore hearts through your dirty theft

And there won't be anyone weak to push, 

When there's no one left. 

The End

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