Because, Because I

My second-to-final piece for the person I fancy. I have decided it is time for me stop pining after someone I may never attain.
I will post the final piece when I am ready; for now, I am unsure when that will be.

I remember when I met you.
I must amend that.
I don’t think I ever actually met you.
We were never formally introduced
Back in the innocent days of our youth.

I should say, I remember when my eyes first found you. We were sitting in those sticky auditorium chairs,
lungs heavy with hot summer air,
and it wasn’t fair.

You see, in my defense, I actually didn’t mean to give you my heart. I had no idea. In fact, the first thought that came to my mind when I saw you the very time was that yuck, your outfit did not go.

And the second time I saw you, I even remember the brick pavement you were standing on, I remember realizing your appearance reminded me of someone whose words had hurt me, a few years ago, so that didn’t really help out my opinion of you, either.

The third time I saw you, I remember I thought
Goodness, what an attention hog.
I guess I didn’t see you at all.
Because I

The fourth time I saw you, we were both fish out of water, caught in a setting where we were trying (and failing) to fit in. You nervously struck up a conversation with me. I nervously responded. We nervously kept trying to fit in, and I nervously realized my first impression of you was wrong.

After that, I don’t know…we just got along.
Our souls collided; we both were weak, we both were strong.
Unbeknownst to you, I chose “I Got You” as our song.

I realized I couldn’t stop grinning, whenever you were around -
Your voice became the most beautiful sound
Because I Love

I wrote a song on the piano for you; I play it, whenever I pray for you. And I pray for you, often. I pray that you will recognize God’s arms around you, whether or not I get to be in His marvelous plan for you. I pray that you recognize what a beautiful soul you are, the most beautiful of all those I know. I pray that your eyes are honest, that you can tell me the truth about yourself, even though I see in your eyes that you’ve endured things that have left you scarred.
I hope you remain forever as beautiful as you are,
Because I Love you.

The End

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