because you held me, I did not weep.  Because you never asked, my secrets I’ll keep.  

Because you were stronger, I felt weak.  Because you were brave, I was meek.  Because you could see, I became blind.  Because you were cruel, I was kind.  Because you loved me, I felt complete, even though you made me empty.  

Because you were beautiful, I was an outcast.  Because you didn’t rush, I was fast.  I thought I was smart, I thought I was cool, yet once again, you prove me a fool.  

Because I was the sand, you were the sea.  You slowly ate away at me.  You were the rain, and I was the sun.  You felt no pain, but neither of us won. 

You knew the way, I got lost.  Destined to be your foil, at all cost.  

The End

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