Beauty Living As Conscious Kings

I am an anatomy......,

The physiology of my morphology surpasses your mental capacity,

If I was to be considered a scientific formula-

Only the teachers of grand scholars would attempt to solve me,

And their analysis would infer me as DNE (Does Not Exist)-

Because the perplex being that is me functions way beyond the analytically ability of these subordinates that try to apprehend me..


The things that I do are anomalous to society,

And so they class me as inferior,

Only because they can’t understand me, 

They call me "the minority" and they're right that's the only leverage they have over me.

This is not my native habitation,

My people have been said to be made by abiogenesis.

We arrived from nothing so they try to class us as nothing.


But I know what I am made of,

And I will hold the respect and honor of every whip lashed King

and every unborn Queen of my colorful supremacy.

Of our kingdom you striped us, but by the dignity, respect, homage and glory of my people-

I will see to it that we reign again!

For I am all that they were,

And in me runs the determination and resilience that are WE...

With the Beauty of Living As Conscious Kings and Queens in this fatherless nation, I will hold my head high and say..

Love is my religion, Human is my race and Freedom is my social state.


The End

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