Beauty and the Beast

They were young

The girl with her heart on her sleeves

The boy armed with grief and revenge

Their life threads interwoven

Since the dawn of time


She was naive

Her liquid eyes barely seen the worst of the world

Her soft mouth brimming with innocence

Her heart still believed

That fairytales do come true


He was broken

His dark eyes clouded with sorrow

His hard jaw set on revenge

His heart frozen

Knowing that fairytales don’t come true


She trusted

Placing her soul into his hand

That innocent essence screaming for love

All the while believing

That even a beast contained beauty


He came around

A quivering mess with a beating heart

Thawed feelings surging, enveloping

He was lost

For a beast without his savage mask is a beast none


She loved

The powerful passion of a first love

Her pale white hands guiding him along

Offering him the mask of a lover

In exchange for the lost of the beast


He struggled

His hold on self-control slipping

This strange feeling of devotion bursting

Exploding like fireworks

And his love burned all those it touches


She stayed

The iron grip of her pale white hands holding him together

Holding him, loving him, hurting him

Desperately erasing his true reflection

Believing in Beauty and the Beast


He failed

Crushing the spirit of a girl once loved

For once a savage, forever a savage

And not even the soft caresses of love

Can tame a broken beast


She believed

Til the last grain of time dropped

Til her life’s hourglass overturned

She believed

In Beauty and the Beast

The End

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