I Am Never Washing These Hands Again.

I'm not beautiful.

Don't tell me that I am, I don't want to hear it!

I see my reflection in your eyes but I can't see the reflection in your mind.

But really darling, you're squiggle and I'm a straight line.

Everyone knows that straight is boring.

Everyone wants to be a squiggle.

However, I do not, I just want to possess one, and all is well because I possess you.

You - yes, you - are astonishingly beautiful, and all the things you do

You are magic in my palm

the wildness to my calm

Just sit, yes just like that,

let me watch you.

God, you are stunning.

You've stunned the life right out of me.

And now, my darling, your loveliness...it is all I can see.

The End

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