Beautiful Way

The weight of your words upon my shoulder has made me so much older,
As the days drip away, there's little I can say,
For the time that has passed by,
And most of the time I ask why?
Why did it come to this?
Why do I take hours to rest with you on my mind.

Droplets of time slip away,
From the briskest mornings,
To the warmest summer day,
And in a way I still feel its sway,
But what I saw from your eyes slowly slips away.

And it's not that I don't see the beauty of a day,
The uniqueness that lives once,
Then goes away,
But there was something I learned from you,
Something that I wish could stay.

And no word can say what you see,
What I see... What I saw,
But it was something that was not exactly more,
But the same in another beautiful way.

The End

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