Beautiful Sorrow

The cold stone wall

Pressed to your face

Your arms wrapped around your

Your only embrace

Tears fall and sparkle

Beautiful sorrow

The sunlight is fading

So long til tomorrow

When we're all alone

Life has left us blind

The only thing known

Is that love will keep us kind

It will thaw out our hearts 

Build us up again

Keep the demons at bay

Be our only friend

When you've suffered enough

And your spirit is breaking

When you're losing the fight

And your soul has been taken

Remember you're loved 

And you always will be

Remember to have heart

And don't forget me

Escape from the pain

One word at a time

Let it fall through the cracks

Keep your demons in line

The angels are listening 

Though it's hard to hear

But don't stop trying

They'll break through your fear

Let the rays of the sun

Guide you back home

Remember to love

And your never alone

The End

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