Beautiful Scars

Even though you have scars all over your face
I think you're prettier than girls without a trace
Of any wounds or painful relics of their past
That cover up with makeup and hope the pain won't last

And I know you can't stand to look at your reflection
Even though no one else can match the beauty of your complexion
But I really don't understand why you go and hide
Because you don't understand it's not what's on the outside

I tell you all the time that you look prettier everyday
But you think I'm just saying it to make you feel ok
And I truly mean it when I say you're a godsend
And I truly mean it when I say you're my best friend

I know I'm the first one that you call when you start to cry
So know that I will be here to wipe the tears out of your eyes
And if there's anything else that you should know too
It's that I will always love no one else but you

The End

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