Beautiful Nightmare

The idea of dreaming is turned on its head.

Darkness rests upon the hills
As the bloody moon soon shines
And all the ghosts come out
To the whaling of the sirens

It’s not a tragic scene this night
As the distant sirens scream
But a beautiful nightmare
Locked up inside a terrible dream

And the sirens tell a darker tale
Of a foreboding in the deep
Where the mind refuses to accept
As subconscious do you sleep

And in this state the mind will play
Unstopped inside this game
Releasing all the sickness
Once locked up by shame

And as the beautiful creatures
Dance to sirens as they scream
There’s no telling what you’ll find
Hidden in your dreams

Sunshine wakes beyond the hills
As the bloody moon now sets
To the fading of screaming sirens
For this beautiful nightmare rests

The End

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