Beautiful Chaos

This poem is about the paradoxes of life. We're all just trying to find a purpose and enjoy ourselves. In the grand scheme of things, we may be insignificant. But to ourselves and the people around us, we are their world and they are ours.

Isn't it beautiful how not perfect something is?

Isn't it wonderful how we salvage the good from the bad?

Isn't it motivating to realize we have no real purpose?

Isn't it peaceful with our eternal inner struggle?

Isn't it courageous how we act from fear?

Isn't it so lively when we know everyone has the same fate?

Isn't it lovely how we despise our beloved ones?

Isn't it brilliant how we are that we know nothing?

Isn't it so fortunate that we were brought here without free will?

Isn't it all so beautiful.

The End

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