don't you remember that summer
when you were happy and free
when you danced in the meadow
and swung from the tree

don't you remember those days
when you laughed at it all
and there was a box of bandaids
to remedy your every fall

but then the monsters came along
they shredded your peace
they filled your mind with lies
made your warm heart freeze

the hope washed away slowly
in the form of a hurricane
your soul eroded from rain
the rain of never being the same

you relive the memories
the memories of pain
you force yourself to feel bad
til you think you'll go insane

there are battle scars here
on a heart that turned grey
and more telling gashes
appear on your soul every day

but the times of hope
are still etched into who you are
the memories of happiness
can never leave your heart

it is those times you must fight for
the taste of freedom, not sin
it is this glimmer you must chase
these sweet memories to relive

The End

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