ωanderlusʈ. ugly. both poem collections are finished. prepare yourself for another blast of 34 poems...but this time, they're of a different theme.
this time, they celebrate beautiful.


Yesterday, I was sitting with one of my dearest friends. We were sitting in silence, and I became aware of the fact that she was watching me. What she said took my breath away.

She told me that I was beautiful, that I'm a fighter. That she can see the pain in my eyes. That God looks at me and sees light. That she loves me...and God does, too.

This friend knows me better than most people do. The idea that she both truly knows me and truly loves me...the two don't seem to be compatible.

But it's beautiful.

And she's not the only one who knows my true self and still loves me. God fully knows me...and fully loves me.


The End

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