Beatifully Dark MessMature

it's about alcohol and the effects of :P

A closed curtain call
Silence starting to fall
Will you let your mind win
as darkness slowly claws it's way in?

Moving shadows,
and deceitful whispers...

Turn away.

The wind mocks you
Plays with you
Torments you
Knocks you down.

Look up.

Breathtaking beauty....

Jealous clouds cover up
Nothing lasts for long...

The rolling of a window.
The cold air hits you.
Bites you.
Slaps you.
Sobers you.
A proposal for a boxing match?
You never refuse.

Early birds cheering you on.
But it hurts.
It pounds.
It thuds.
It throbs.
And still- you crave more?

Round 2.

You take a break.
To swallow more.

To feel the sweet warmness
ooze down your throat.
To let the welcoming numbness
wash over you.

You think you're winning... How wrong you are...

So you swallow more.
Just in case.

Too much.

The bitter burning of lips.

You're in for the count.
Your true opponent has won.

Now you're a world away
from the beautifully dark mess
that we call reality.

The End

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