Beat n Bleed

From the Book:
"From the Heart, and Through the Pain: A Collection of Songs & Poems"
by Nick Robinson
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Beat n Bleed

 ©1995 Nick Robinson (FTH Ch 6, pg 63)


Oh I don’t know any other way

To explain my heart except to say

I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve

Too long, too much, to beat n bleed

Beat n bleed – in plain view

Beat n bleed – nothing I could do

Beat n bleed – it’s all I knew

Beat n bleed – oh yeah, it’s true


So if walked around with my head down

There was more to it than just a frown

I was hurting deep, and if you looked at me

You could see my heart beat n bleed

And if I seemed mad, don’t feel bad

It’s not your fault, but the life I’d had

But don’t turn away, just come to me

And feel my heart beat n bleed


Beat n bleed – see the sign

Beat n bleed – of a hell of time

Beat n bleed – but the burden’s mine

Beat n bleed – but I’ll be fine


Oh, I got off on the wrong foot

And I got lost, and that’s no good

But I know now how it should be

I can’t let my heart beat n bleed

Just take my hand and hold on tight

I won’t do you wrong, you’ll be alright

Now don’t be scared, no not with me

No more will my heart beat n bleed


Beat n bleed – it’s time I quit

Beat n bleed – and get on with it

Beat n bleed – no more of this trip

Beat n bleed – now I’m ready to rip


Yeah I know I can love you deep

When all my heart does is beat

And I’ve done all that I should need

To heal my heart so it don’t bleed

The End

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