4 - 6

With breath of flames the beasts shall rule,

And scorch him off away to death,

With love comes flying on his aid,

From her kind hands and worried tears,

Comes full a vial of magic pure,

From poison brewed a useful drink,

As armour liquid for the heat,

To help the whole battle endure,

For strength against the torrid beast,

And safety in another's heart,

She made him quickly drink.


With bravest face and sharpest sword,

Onwards to growls his steps do trace,

To face the two commanding bulls,

He feels their flames lick at his skin,

He charges through their feeble force,

And leaps atop the raging beast,

His grip maintains and lyrics calm,

One savage beast gives in to him.

With orders barked into the ear,

He rides it off to do its job,

Then comes back for his friend.


The second roars now louder still,

Angered at standing now alone,

It charges full head on at him,

With cooling calls of vehemence,

On does the hero bravely dash,

To face the force of striking feet,

With scratches trickling down his chest,

Out she rushes with desperate strides,

Engulfed in fire her tears do go,

Her screams rouse him to new found force,

For one great fatal strike.

The End

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