Beasts of Rebellion

It's about how dangerous it can be if we fail to learn from events in the past

The shouts of rebellion, history in the making today

Calls for freedom and the greatness of god

The iron fist begins to smash upon them

The streets are awash with blood today


Calls to the outside, the old titans to awake

Bones aching from slumber, to lay a tyrant to rest

They’ll give it all, and we’ll rain fire from the skies

Do we throw our selves to history’s mercy?

Or leave these heroes to die?


The devils we know, without a hope, show their true faces

Turning their claws westwards, far beyond words

Beyond the point of peace, another monster we’ve created

Propaganda turns to poison, old devil’s soul drenched in dirt


Those who surge for freedom unknown, blind to our eyes

The dawn of freedom comes with a warning

The beast of rebellion quickly turns to terror

The cycle of history, forever stuck on repeat

And we’re condemned to fail forever

The End

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