Beast In A Box

A poem about lies, values misplaced, the growth of corruption, and those living contradictions known as human beings.

Hey everybody, come and see!
There are miracles in this box
Hey everybody, could it be?
The shoes in which your idol walked.

Millions for a bauble that will never, ever last
Billions for an epic about good times that have passed.
Plug those nameless holes that gape startled in your soul.
Empower greed and misery, build the bridge for the troll.

Smile for a crowd that merely hopes to see you fall.
Give weapons to the hunter who will mount you on the wall.
Herd into that grassy field and stay behind the fence.
Feed on soothing lies that you know make little sense.

Hey everybody, come and see!
This is where our life has gone.
Hey everybody, could it be?
The dour painting we have drawn.

Dull and wooden bodies moved by brittle paper bones.
All of them look different but in spirit they are clones.
If the strings should move them, they will dance and clap
All for a chance to sit real safe in Father's mighty lap.

The groan and grind of deadly things made to serve our needs
The moan and whine of metal wings made to boost our breed.
What if one day they vanished? What would we do then?
We'd go back to spears and arrows and pursue the bitter end.

Hey everybody, come with me!
I have heard the shadows talk.
Hey everybody, do you see?
There's a beast inside this box.

The lies we love so much always fail to change the truth
Just topple cardboard cutouts, pull the lever in the booth
It won't take us back but it will show us what we were
What the future holds if we would try to find the cure.

What is doesn't have to be, what will be sets us free
What was is lost forever, like a diamond in the sea
That desperate thirst that lies unquenched in every human heart
Is the one where promise starts, and without which we depart.

The End

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