Beach Day

I am so sick of posting nothing but my novel. It probably wants a break from me too. :P

Anyway, this piece was written not at the beach but on a bench, right next to the beach. Another one of my strange awareness poems but I really cannot control what goes onto the page sometimes.

But besides that, I really like it. Getting into that summer spirit! :D

Waves roll under a cloudless sky 
Soft ocean breeze passing by 
White sea foam runs along the sand 
A serving of ice cream is at high demand 

Seagulls stroll the open shore 
Finding no food but sea shells galore 
They could for fish hunt in the sea 
But then the fish, unhappy would be

There are more than fish dwelling in the deep 
Each of them their secrets keep 
Oysters with their perfect pearl 
And other creature that jump, swim and twirl 

They might be as large as any whale 
Or others far smaller than your fingernail 
All I'm trying to say, the sea's a pretty thing
It's such a shame that it we are polluting.

The End

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