Personal Essay

When I was younger I was teased a lot for the way I talked, I dressed, I spoke. Anything abnormal immediately became fodder for the kids that judged me as different. When I read at recess (because all my friends came out at a different time) I was called 'that weird nerd girl' and girls would giggle at me as they walked by. When I stopped reading and actually spoke I was 'that weird loud girl'. When I cut my hair for locks-of-love, what seemed like an admirable and popular cause that all the girls were doing, I became 'that weird girl with boy's hair'. When I dressed in my comfortable, colourful clothing, I was called 'that weird girl that doesn't match'.

Kids that didn't even know me would look at me and judge 'That really loud nerdy girl with the boys hair and the strange clothes.'

A summer passed, during which I acted in my first play and found my true calling in the makeup, hairspray, and costumes of theatre. When I came back to school in 6th grade people balked. I had ditched most of my crazier clothing for a more relaxed wardrobe that consisted mostly of blacks, purples, and grays. My fast growing hair had already hit shoulder length and I had begun wearing make-up.

The same people that used to tease me would come up and ask 'What happened to your outfits?! I loved them! Your hair is so different! You look so strange, so different...' Yes, the same words again, but this time for different reasons.

My style progressed as the year passed, and I found school pride in my favourite colour. That same year I discovered stores other than Goodwill, and I rediscovered skirts and dresses. During the summer my clothing became more chic, as I tried to keep up with the best styles I saw emerging from the fashion world I had become so obsessed with.

7th grade year is where we stand now. My clothing from the beginning of the year progressed from slicked-back and flat lines to the 'high-fashion' that is now considered my signature.The same girls that snorted at my clothing before now ask where I get my things, and could I please take them shopping? But I just smile and shake my head, then throw out the names of some stores I know they visit, and watch as smiles light their faces.

It's funny how some things matter.


The End

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