Be Yourself (restrictions apply)

Written for my 7th grade English unit on poetry.
About my experiences when I was teased (often) as a younger child.
Of course now I can hold my own, and I'm popular for being unique :)
But still.

Be unique,

while fitting in.

Be yourself,

but a little like everyone else,


Each since I was young,

I was taught not to be like everyone,

But when I entered grade school,

it turned out there were far more rules.

don't dress to strangely,

don't talk to loud

never say anything with food in your mouth.

Some rules,

were simple,


they confused.

I watched silently as the popular girls waltzed around school.

And I not-so-silently noticed as I became one of them,


I dressed in the fashions,

became oh-so chic.

And nodded along to their voices

as they laughed and they weeped.

I rose to their level,

but then created my home,

As I found that the world of my popular,

just wasn't my own.

And for some unknown reason I was teased

(just because I was me!)

Of course as of now,

I am fine and dandy.

But why did that have to happen

to poor little Izzy?

The End

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