Be My Rebel

take it, take me

I look around

And all I see

is pieces of you

between all the scattered pieces of me


China never goes to rest

People multiplying to be the best

Buildings growing over night

You & me just picking at what seems to be right


People driving….. cars singing….

We want to be first !

 Crashing – smashing – turning – burning

I want to be without this curse


An ants nest of WHATEVER

Today okay Tomorrow no way

How am I suppose to ever know

Where my head & heart belongs forever


Paradox – hypocrites – communists – democracy

What do you want me to be

Part of what everyone else wants you to see

Or a REBEL  true and free


Now YES later MAYBE

Wake me up – take me up – brake me up

You’re making me CRAZY


I’m independent I say

Just remember to let the people stay

Love & care a blessing to bear

Not a lie to deny




Are you agile

To take the punches

Even if you are fragile


Are you willing to go in head first

To quench your curious thirst



Or are you a sheep ready for slaughter

A whore trapped in hells quarter


Will you rise up and take the victory

And stand strong before family


I BELIEVE in you

And all your abilities

I KNOW you

And all your qualities

I SEE  you

And all the problems you face



Never have I doubted

There is any car you cannot race

The End

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