The poem "Be Like Cheetah" is written by Aravind Bhargava. The poem was written on 21st August, 2014. This poem explains the courage, confidence and determination of the animal cheetah. Every day I observe discovery channel. Cheetah is my most favorite animal. I am impressed by its courage, confidence and determination to win the goal. So I wrote this poem so that it motivates others also. Thank you

'The eyes should be on the target only after opting the goal

Cheetah getting famished sets the ambition to chase a Deer, 
Doesn't stop until the purpose is clear, 
Doesn't gets confused by seeing an animal in the middle, 
Achieves the goal and makes the deer to cripple. 

You are the Cheetah and deer is the goal, 
other goals are animals in a whole, 
Concentrate only on the purpose you have chosen, 
make the goal for you to be frozen. 

Frame the aspiration by yourselves you had, 
Detach negative from mind which is bad, 
Attention only on the ambition you designated, 
Do not lose confidence even if you are underestimated,
Add courage, trust, and determination to your mind, 
Do not cease until everything is fined. 

Be like a cheetah, contrive goals 
and be successful in life' 

The End

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