Be heard.

Scream, shout, and shriek!

Let your voice rise above the white noise!


Be strong in the face of doubt;

face your fears in front of the crowd!


Why be like them? Why blend in?

Be distinct. Make a different sound!


Let them label you as a pariah!

Let them speak in their hateful ways!

Let them be violent!

Let them burn you alive at the stake!


But never be silent.



For words are your power.

Your voice is your weapon.

Don’t act and pretend.  

Don’t try to throw it away.

I promise you, the desire to speak won’t fade.


For even in moments of silence there are sounds to be heard.

Whisps of air. A ticking clock.

Listen closely to beat of your heart.

It’s a beautiful melody, a resonant tune.

It’s the song of tomorrow, a beautiful truth.

The End

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