to all the young girls who never made it

there will be others, though.

the first day you skip lunch
will not be the last. 

i tell you this
to caution your eating habits - 
you are not fat. 
your stomach rolls 
are supposed to be there. 

that soft flesh protects your vital organs -
do not chip away at it 
until your ribcage gapes out
and your flesh stretches thin over bone. 

and, if you are one of the unlucky ones, 
there will come a day
when your veins whisper to you at night, 
call set me free, set me free 

the only thing you're setting free is your nightmares. 

they'll come and swirl around your head, 
soak into your palms, slick with sweat, 
and be absorbed into the nape of your neck. 

and they will never leave you alone. 

get used to it if you don't fight, 
but that wasn't what i wanted to say. 
i wanted to spin a tale of caution, 
be careful, those who didn't make it cry out

please, please, please, 
your body thrums and hums, 
a corpse will curl on its deathbed, 
you are alive. 

keep it that way, 
i beg, 
because killing yourself 
doesn't make anything better. 

i know, i know ,
you want it all to stop, 
but it gets better 

sh-t, i can't say that. 
it doesn't matter, 
does it?

well, here's this instead:
you're alive today. 
you breathed, you blinked, 
you made it to this day, 
right here. 

and for now, 
that is enough. 

sickness is not always 
thermometers and chicken soup, 
it will be ugly and gaping and gaunt, 
and you will not like what you see
when you look in the mirror

but it will always be worth it. 

so here are my hands if you need it, 
my fingers will grip yours if it helps, 
do not fall to death and darkness, 
there are those who will wait. 

The End

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