The Battle for My Heart

Any one can post on this. if you have a battle, weave it into words.

The Battle for my Heart

                At a certain point in time, I remember, believe it or not, I had a heart.

I could feel.

                Back then I let people close to me.

                I made a mistake.

                I let them close enough to destroy that heart.

                It escaped, barely alive.

                So I locked it away.

My heart is in a box

A box made of resentment.

At one point, I lost the key.

But suddenly, you show up with a key that you had the entire time.

And I can’t understand.

How dare you think you can come into my life and unlock my scarred heart?

Who are you to demand that I, who have driven myself to insanity with the protection of my emotions, open up to you?

But you know what, Fine!

I’ll let you close, but will not be responsible for the effects.

I will not be seen as a cause for trepidation due to your distinct lack of… of nothing.

You have everything.

Everything I’ve ever wanted.

It’s almost as if I’ve given you permission to open that box.

Almost as if I allowed my heart to be taken out.

Almost as if I let you get close.

BUT I’M NOT FOOLED BY YOUR ACT OF… of… perfection.

So fine… I give.

You can have my heart.

You can take it.


I’ll give you my heart.

The End

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