One night,
My sister challenged me to a small game-
A game of snakes and ladders.
One for pride, and one for familial fame,
Another to lay claim to glory’s name, 
We played on:
We were both as mad as hatters,
That night!


That night, 
An innocent game became a duel-
A duel fought bitterly.
First she won, then I - Ah! Fate was cruel,
To raging fire, losses added fuel,
We bristled:
Neither felt one bit sisterly,
That night!


Many nights,
Have since that unworldly night come and gone-
Gone is also our childhood.
Husbands and children — they claim every dawn,
In the circle of life, I’m just a pawn,
I am lost:
For the trees, I can’t see the wood, 
So many nights!


My sister and I have set aside time- 
Time to recreate those hours. 
It’ll be just us in our personal clime,
Losing to her will be the only crime, 
We will play:
And once again be free of scars,

The End

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