+ Battle Three = FogCat - vs - Penwomanship +

+ Battle Three = FogCat - vs - Penwomanship +

Our Third set shall be a cat fight I fear!

Once more we have found seperation, whilst FogCat prefers the liberation of FreeVerse, Penwomanship finds her place within rhyme, thus giving her the edge on this particular assignment, but make no mistake, FogCat will show us what she is made of, for sure.

Best of luck to both entrants.

Consider carefully your topic, for you have the choice of whatever you wish to write. However, the element you must truly focus on is the meter of the poem. I want you to write a poem that explores rhythm and experiences a transition of different meters. You do NOT need to rhyme, but it may make things easier.

You will be judged on your use of meter and quality of content. If you use different meters make sure the poetry still flows! That is what is most important in this task.

The End

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