Mourning Care


I had once wondered where I would find,

Someone who would be like me; be my kind--

With a heart that may have been blackened,

With a sense of their existence flattened,

When deaths greatest toll is brought,

To the soul of the loved one who fought.


The feeling of despair that a future lover and I share,

Will be overcome by the heart's love, by the care

That the past clouds of lightning and hopelessness,

Had put into us because of our carelessness.

Must we forget that lightning is but light

That brightens our losses, helps our plight?


We shan't forget what we have lost,

But we can't let all the pain, our heart's cost--

This is why I need a lover near,

So my future he can keep clear--

Death is but an awakening stream,

That drives us into the arms of those, which we dream.


I've yet to find such a mate,

Who can make me move on from this state,

But if he comes I will hold tight,

I won't, my destiny, fight,

I've yet to find the lover who will hold me with all his might.


The End

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