This is a narrative poem


Down to the shore he went,
He built a fire, and pitched a tent.
He caught himself a nice big trout
cut off it's head, and cleaned it out.

He put that fish upon a spit,
Turned it over and roasted it.
As he was about to eat,
Sand syphoned at  his feet.

It formed itself into a spout,
And quickly put the fire out.
It covered  the spit and fish.
and sifted over his supper dish.

The man cried out in fear,
"Go away, get away from here!
The sand shimmered into the night,
So far it blocked the moon's pale light.

The wind whipped up the sand
Into a dune that  hid the man.
He succumbed to a numbing fright,
And was lost forever to the night.




The End

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