The Lemon Yellow Donkey

Look to the pen, then to the paper

and back to the pen.

Swallow hard, let doubt subside…

‘Good sir, begin again!’


This time, more feeling, count the baboons around

you –Stop at ten.

With a deep breath take the pen in your hand,

write your insides down

so we can all understand.


Fear not, the left wing pacifism

of those that entwine in to your space.

What is no more than cowardice,

has lost us this place.


The weak lead on with unimaginable strength,

followed by a plethora of fools;

be it an oaf

or a wench.


These are the empty shells

that should be reduced to the soil.

For I am done with these troubles,

And being brought to the boil.


Listing words I despise:

Celebrity, football, politicians and life

Affirm once again what I said to a friend:

‘We are destined to be nothing until we tend

to our minds.’

The End

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