the battle between coming night and dawning day.

On the back of an owl, I see a lady, clothed in aught but dreams.
Her raven hair is flowing, whipping in the wind
Ever onward she prods the owl into endless flight.
I watch her course across the sky bringing on the night.

Perfect orbs, she throws before her,  guiding her minions call
We humans call them stars, as crickets begin her thrall
Soft music comes from the throats of beast and insect alike
As gathering together, her army sets it's sights.

Our eyes grow heavy lidded and we begin to dream
She throws aloft the moon above to lull us into sleep
One by one the waking drop into a slumber deep.
From a sparrow by her side the sandman,glances round

As bodies gently fall, Littering the ground.
His voice enters by the ear, softly as he croons,
Showing us the beginnings of our deepest, darkest fear
He describes our thoughts and feelings while giving up no sound.

As those below her fall to slumber's keeping
Our raven hair'd lady knows satisfaction while drinking from us deep
The desperate thoughts, from nightmares,
Turn to whimpers as we weep.

But she should know she is pursued
As happens all the time
A Champion follows in her wake, to take back all she's won.
He charges steadily onward, bringing back the sun

The peircing light enters dreams and breaks that tenuous string.
He brings along the coming day, a marvel to behold
Softly do we waken, shucking off the sleep.
Opening our eyes, to all the marvels that they bring

Round and round the globe the fly
This desperate, maddening flight.
Apollo and the lady Nyx, in never ending battle
Played out across the sky.

The End

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